Matteo Ziff

Software Engineer & VR/AR Developer

I'm a software engineer with a love for emerging technologies and a desire to bring them to mainstream society, whether through serious fields such as Healthcare, Education, or Sports or through more traditional platforms like gaming and cinematic entertainment. The VR/AR dev space, in particular, has provided me a creative outlet within a technical field. My background is highly analytical, but all my life I have been a creative person. Developing for VR never feels like you're being boxed in just crunching math (though I majored in it) or figuring out the right quaternion at the right position; instead, it has allowed me to continually problem solve in ways that not only require an analytical mindset, but also utilize out of the box, inventive thinking. Working in the space has been immensely satisfying and it has given me the ability to create the worlds I've dreamed of as well as build complex UI's and applications for increasingly interesting use-cases within the industry.